Skills that are being developed

By learning how to solve problems through play and especially with the bricks in group format, it helps the child developing skills on a social platform to inhibit negative behaviour such as problems at school as well as at home.

Do not miss out on this new “trend” of emotional and social developmental skills. Busy Bugs Bricks Club is especially developed for children with attention deficit disorder, those having difficulty excepting themselves and has a low self esteem and those who need a push in the right direction learning more socially acceptable behaviour. The angry, impatient and busy kids are welcome. We don’t call this club the Busy Bugs Bricks Club for nothing.

Playing with bricks help to develop the child’s higher brain functioning. This support the child’s reading ability. Though it is not limited to the following, it also includes the following skills that are being developed:

• Self-control
o Planning ahead
o The capacity to form and develop new ideas
o Inhibits undesirable behaviour
o Store information in the working memory of the brain

• Emotional skills development
o Planning and building of bricks offer a form of security since it gives predictability and reliability
o It develops self confidence since the child is in control of his or her own learning experiences and skills

• Social skills development
o Groupwork are enhanced – making friends and exchanging new ideas
o Turns are being made
o Child gives cooperation
o Children learn to negotiate
o Knowledge are being developed
o The child learns determination
o The child learns to acknowledge and accept others perspective
o The child develops empathy towards others

• Physical and motor skills development
o Strengthen large muscles
o Develops whole body coordination and midline crossing
o Fine motor development and hand eye coordination (using hands and fingers)
o Bilateral integration occurs when the child press two bricks together
o Large motor development and spatial awareness

This is only but a few skills that are being developed while having fun building and playing with the bricks while integrating educational kinesiology movements and breathing exercises.

As mentioned with the educational kinesiology, we are making use of different movement techniques crossing the midline on the rhythm of music at the start of each session. Each one of these movements plays an important role in the development, stimulation and activation of the brain and its wiring. This also plays an important role in opening the child’s capacity for new learning and problem solving, which in turn also improves the child’s self esteem and motivating the child to try out new challenges in life.

The blocks program forms part of the Educational CAPS system of the South African learning, training and educational program. This program is however not limited only to the intellectual development of the child in areas such as language, maths and so forth, but also and almost more importantly is also focused on emotional developmental skills. Studies has proven that an emotional intelligent child’s scholastic intelligence grows faster than the child who’s brain is continuously occupied on trying to survive feelings of trauma.

There are certain structured and unstructured tasks given to the child while they build the bricks and actively participate in the group activities. The child are being guided in following orders while they experience fun in a save environment, learning more about life, tasks, dissipline and routine. Teamwork forms an essential part of this program where the children need to work together on certain projects. Sometimes a model must be build together and at times stories needs to be told about the build models.

Included with the play of bricks, we also integrate the educational kinesiology movements to improve wholebrain functioning as plan are being made to finding solutions to the problem on hand as the task are given to the child. The bricks tasks help with the development of the child’s socio development skills. As we end off the program, we bring in different breathing and relaxation techniques to teach the child to become calm after a fun filled session. Prolonged breathing exercises teaches the child how to handle stress in real life and the child can guide him / herself to a state of calmness when feeling overwhelmed at times.