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Busy Bugs Bricks Club About us Busy Bugs Bricks club is in short, a club that develops your child’s social, emotional as well as developmental skills. Busy Bugs Bricks Club originated from a two-folded need in the community:

• The first need is for those moving away from heartache, fear and pain. In other words, those with the need to escape from life’s difficult reality, traumatic incidents and the effect that those incidents have on the child. The effect of trauma on a child’s life normally shows in the child’s behaviour.

• The second need is for the person moving towards positive things in live. The child who is constantly performing well and who is constantly under pressure to also stay on top of the leader board. The bricks club assist such a child to still be stimulated but in a more relaxing and playful manner. The bricks club helps the child who is a real star on social and emotional level to have a breather on competition level.

Even though there are already existing bricks clubs in our country there is a huge difference on the service delivery side between those clubs and Busy Bugs Bricks Club. The focus of the random club’s is more on the development of the child’s educational, mathematical and scientific skills. Not only does Busy Bugs Bricks Club focus on the same, but Prof Marlize took this club a step further, incorporating emotional and social developmental skills in order to strengthen the child’s coping, behavioural and intellectual ability in a playful manor.

With the experience of working for years with children in her counselling practice, continuous studies in the field of children’s counselling and therapy and research through her capacity as a Professor for International Universities, Prof Marlize found it obvious that emotional trauma has a direct influence on intellectual development.

Parents feel despair taking their children to various extra classes and prolonged occupational therapy without the outcome and success they wish they would find or they spend hours in the evenings going through the child’s schoolwork until the child understands the work, only to have a blank when writing the test at school.

The reason for this is due to the fact, that the child does not have the intellectual capacity to learn something new while the brain is busy working out the emotional meaning of the trauma he is going through. This meaning must first be resolved before the brain is willing to develop new neuron pathways for learning. You can find more on this at the “EFFECT OF STRESS” tab on our website. You are also welcome to follow us on “Busybugssa” Facebook page for regular updates and information on the child’s brain development and emotional needs.

This is where Busy Bugs Bricks Club can help you. At Busy Bugs Bricks Club, the child learns in a playful manor how to develop the correct social skills and emotional competence on how to handle difficult situations. Busy Bugs Bricks Club help the child thus to develop social, emotional as well as physical skills. More information in this regard and what are being addressed at our club are available on the “SKILLS THAT ARE DEVELOPED” tab on our webpage. You are also welcome to follow us on “Busybugssa” Facebook page for regular updates and information on how to develop strong emotional and intellectual children.

This service was initially rendered as individual therapeutic sessions but has been re-designed into a group and social club to enhance the same skills, with more children at the same time. The Busy Bugs Social Bricks Club is a better alternative to individual therapy and intervention for several reasons:

• When the child learns social skills while alone in an office, there are no other children or scenario’s within immediate reach to practice what is taught in that specific safe environment.

• By the time the child is in a situation where that what was taught alone in the office needs to be implemented, the child is not in a safe environment and reacts from the fight or flight mode of the brain due to the fact that the child does not feel safe .

• In this fight or flight moment, the child does not recall what was taught during the counselling session and reacts to what is known in order to survive the moment.

• One of the advantages and techniques of Busy Bugs Bricks Club is that a story are being told and the child builds the solution within a group of other children with the bricks provided.

• When children’s opinions differ to get to the end result, problem solving skills, listening skills and communication skills (just to name a few), are practiced within a save and secure environment giving the child the tools and practical experience on how to deal with same type of scenario of which they initially needed therapy.

Busy Bugs Bricks Club is also not exclusive for children with behavioural problems, emotional outbursts or who finds schoolwork difficult. Busy Bugs Bricks Club is there for the star and academically strong child who wants to unwind a bit as well. Busy Bugs Bricks Club is there to give these emotionally and intellectual strong children a means to blow off some steam and be stimulated in a fun and more relaxing environment without the pressure to need to be the best and the need to impress and to compete. Most of these children feel intellectually strong and competent, but on emotional level overwhelmed with the responsibility of life. Part of the sessions at Busy Bugs Bricks Club is teamwork where each member in the team is responsible for a certain aspect of the final product or instruction that was given to the group. By having a role to play as part of the problem-solving skills, it makes the child feel worthy and a contribution player to the bigger picture.

Children finding it difficult working in a team environment find the skills at Busy Bugs Bricks Club to still do your own thing while you are still responsible for the outcome of the team project. This is effective for the bully, its victim as well as the choleric temperament type of child.

Each Busy Bugs Bricks Club session forms part of an integrated program:

• Educational Kinesiology exercises
- For emotional release
- Preparation to work from a whole brain perspective
- In other words, to focus, to enhance analytical thinking together with creativity

• Bricks session
- For various stimulation, education and skills development such as
- Listening skills
- Communication skills
- Language development
- Problem solving skills
- Social skills
- Self-control
- Self-image enhancements
- Self-worth development
- Sensory development
- Maths & science
- Learn why and how toe become a team player

• Relaxation and breathing techniques
- Grounding techniques to assist the child to calm down when feeling overwhelmed
- Help the child to feel focused
- Relaxation giving the child a sense of feeling in control
- Closing of the program, giving a feeling of being recharged and rejuvenated

After hearing all the “ins- and out’s” of Busy Bugs Bricks Club, your next question is probably when and where you can enrol your child and what does the registration entail. For information on this question, you are welcome to visit the “PROGRAM & PACKAGES” tab on our website. There you will find information on the areas where we have clubs, the time for each session as well as the different packages prices.

If you have more questions after reading all the exciting information that we have given you, then you are welcome to complete our online form or to contact us.

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